1522819_194223224102405_1755529198_3oJewawares! -two philosophies-“Separatists” and “Inclusionists”!

November 15, 2013 at 9:00pm


       This note is an acknowledgement that there are  two main groups in the Jewaware community ( those that are aware of who the jews are, what they, as a people are striving to accomplish, and the power that they,currently, have  and the  ways  they use that power). Generally, included in this knowledge is an awareness of jewish history,awareness of the talmud, and an ability to access that knowledge thru non- jew approved sources. What I want to do is put ourselves (jewawares) into two categories, that seem to dominate this  movement. I am not going  to analyze whether one view is correct as  much as to,simply,give you my take on the components that make up each movement,in a general sort of way.One approach to outing jewish power is thru the “Separatist” approach.It is currently made up of  pure blooded, white Aryans,or, in some cases, slightly compromised blood mix.They see the jew as, primarily, targeting their own race, and, pretty much, see it as a direct fight between the white man and the jew;there may be a few black separatists, or Arab separatists, but their numbers are miniscule compared to whites. The other, I call the “Inclusionists”, they accept  the jew at  his word, that he has, indeed, included all non -jews as adversaries to jewish aims and as targets for enslavement.Because of this, an “Inclusionist”  prefers to embrace all non jews as potential brothers or comrades and acts,accordingly. The following paragraphs will go into these two divisions  in more detail. At the outset, It’s important,if our movement is to mature, and we are to have some success in our endeavors,  to,clearly,separate these two movements for they have some irreconciliable differences while,also,having some commonalities that make for possible temporary cooperation.It also allows the two groups  to disavow needless baggage of the others as they focus on the jew fight!

Now, I will analyze the “Separatist” jewawares, then the “Inclusionist” and having done that offer up a few examples of areas we differ,which are severe, and areas  we can agree.Since there is a “rope pull” going on about a desire to bring certain gentile groups into our midst, and there seems to be no way to appease either side,in my opinion, the only, intelligent, course of action is to create two different and distinct entities (political parties?),swirling around the jew, outing him for his treachery in much the same way that , in America, the democrats and republicans swirl around the jew protecting him and following his orders. It is also my hope that gathering around a “Separatist”,-“Inclusionist” dynamic,we can quit the petty attacking each other over the issues neither is planning to give on and focus on our common agreements. Now for “The Separatist” view.1495165_195881167269944_537924981_o

From my vantage point, “Separatists” have great pride in family, race and Country.Being jewawares, and knowing how our government has been coopted by internationalists at the top,I think it’s safe to say  that country pride is not  a reference to those in power but to the land they grew up in and the neighbors they have come to know.Most, as I said before, are a white, caucasian, aryan extraction, and have a belief in keeping the race pure and separated. Some hold the  position that other gentile groups don’t, fully , deserve  a human classification.Many see Muslims and  Arabs to be a threat to their way of life due to their mass immigration into European countries and their, supposed, desire to spread sharia law everywhere. They, mostly, understand that the jew has been orchestrating much of these problems from behind the curtain but are still convinced that  as much attention must be foccussed on  other ethnic behavior as  on the jew.They believe god or nature separated the races for a reason, and bad things happen when they interact too much.They are , also, fully convinced that many of these other gentiles are, hopelessly, coopted into the jew camp, thus, further, making  their interests in working with other gentile minorities null and void.

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Now my conception of “Inclusionists” would be that it encompasses all ppls concerned with jewish power from all gentile ethnicities .They are aware of the culture clashes going on, but consider it more of an orchestrated phenomenom than an, inevitably, negative occurrance while admitting that , currently, it is a, mostly, negative occurance.They look to the proclamations of the protocols in using various gentile , ethnic  interactions as a source  of conflict and as a buffer distraction from the elite, talmudic jews which plays out in such areas as  wars between gentile powers fought for jewish profit and jewish aims,and massive immigration with the purpose to undermine the host nation and dilute the base, etc.They understand that jewish power comes from a divided  goyim and so believe  the antidote to that is to create a unified goyim. To him, this means being careful to use respectful language when referring to all gentiles and to trace conflicts to the  jew source rather than bog down on the pawn, gentile irritant which then raises suspicion and trust issues among all involved.Views on race  can vary a lot,  but a decision has been made that to defeat the jew,as many noble, gentile bodies are needed as possible.

A conflict ,I have noticed arising, by being one loosely defined  jewaware entity, is amongst the predominant white  element, who seem to demonstate a dislike, bordering on hatred, for blacks, especially, but other gentiles as well. This has taken the form of  daily rantings in public, demonstrating their lack of respect, and reinforcing the opinion that  other ethnicities are at war with the white man,for example,  with post after post of black on white horror stories.I have yet to recall any positive posts by these “Separatists” concerning their target gentiles of concern.This  troubles  “Inclusionists” who  would prefer to post stories that might elicit  curiosity, and interest from other gentiles rather than the distrust  that is, currently, occurring.

This leads me to my claim that forming two movements to accomodate each side, or political party  would be the best solution  for both sides to target their own message without the infighting that the jew soooo likes!For me as an “Inclusionist”, the idea of recruiting someone, only to be undermined by my own people in that effort by opposite signals being sent at strategic moments, makes me believe that outreach without clarity of purpose can not be accomplished, and for clarity of purpose to take hold, like minded thinkers on the basics of operation need to come together and  unlike minded thinkers need to be removed . Look folks, everyone is waiting for some dynamic occurance to happen to wake us up. The jew, himself , has proved that  it takes a coordinated attack to make progress towards a goal.He has also, divided up his resources into seemingly opposite camps. He covers every area of dissent with his own.It’s really not such a monumental occurrance to,fracture ourselves a bit, strategically, in this fight.This is my call for that-both groups can contribute, even join hands on occasion, but there are irreconciliable differences in the jewaware community that precludes working together, daily .”Separatists”, don’t want” Inclusionist” baggage to rebut, and neither do Inclusionists want to deal with separatist claims that they disagree with.Focussing on the jew, is what we all have in common ,and whether that be ending the fed, fighting Obamacare, or stopping our troops from supporting Israel, we all have a dog  in that fight.Let’s come together when we have the same dog in the same fight, and stay apart, otherwise and, in this fashion ,we can best keep our eyes on the prize (Jewish power and it’s abuse and removal). A final thought is that if we did separate our efforts, when we do come together, lets leave our conflicts at home and focus on the current goal which brought us together.

So to wrap up, I think we need to divide our jewaware zionist challenging strategy into two political parties so that our primary concern of stopping jewish power over our lives, doesn’t get bogged down with secondary issues that many of us differ on.I have identified, the dividing line as “Separatist” and Inclusionist” , primarily over issues of” to what extent various goyim ethnicities are to get envolved with this fight”, a fight that the jew wins by dividing and conquering us-Thanks!




Jewawares! -two philosophies-”Separatists” and “Inclusionists”!


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    The International Jew
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    The International Jew, The World’s Problem – 1920 articles in the Dearborn Independent
    Part of a series on
    Yellowbadge logo.svg
    Part of Jewish history


    Antisemitic canards[show]
    Antisemitic publications[show]
    Antisemitism on the Web[show]
    Category Category


    The Protocols
    1905 2fnl Velikoe v malom i antikhrist.jpg

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
    Versions of The Protocols
    Contemporary imprints of The Protocols

    First publication of The Protocols

    Programma zavoevaniya mira evreyami

    Writers, editors, and publishers associated with The Protocols

    Carl Ackerman · Boris Brasol
    G. Butmi · Natalie de Bogory
    Denis Fahey · Henry Ford · L. Fry
    Howell Gwynne · Harris Houghton
    Pavel Krushevan · Victor Marsden
    Sergei Nilus · George Shanks
    Fyodor Vinberg · Clyde J. Wright

    Debunkers of The Protocols

    Vladimir Burtsev · Herman Bernstein
    Norman Cohn · John S. Curtiss
    Philip Graves · Michael Hagemeister
    Pierre-André Taguieff · Lucien Wolf

    Commentaries on The Protocols

    The International Jew
    The Cause of World Unrest
    The Jewish Bolshevism
    Mein Kampf


    The International Jew is a four volume set of booklets or pamphlets originally published and distributed in the early 1920s by Henry Ford, an American industrialist and automobile manufacturer.

    In Spring 1920, Henry Ford made his personal newspaper The Dearborn Independent chronicle what he considered the “Jewish Menace”. Every week for 91 issues, the paper exposed in a headline, some sort of Jewish-inspired evil major story. The most popular and aggressive stories were then chosen to be reprinted by Ford into four volumes called the “International Jew”.[1]

    It is to be distinguished from The International Jew: The World’s Problem which was the headline in The Dearborn Independent and is the name of a collection of articles serialized in The Dearborn Independent. It is also to be distinguished from the title of the first volume of the series, namely The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem (note the absence or presence of the word “Foremost” as the distinguishing mark in the subtitle).

    At the Nuremberg Trials, Baldur von Schirach mentioned that The International Jew made a deep impression on him and his friends in their youth and influenced them in becoming antisemitic. He said: “… we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success, also the exponent of a progressive social policy. In the poverty-stricken and wretched Germany of the time, youth looked toward America, and apart from the great benefactor, Herbert Hoover, it was Henry Ford who to us represented America.”[2] In 19??, The New York Times reported that Adolf Hitler’s office contained a large picture of Ford.[3] A well-thumbed copy of the International Jew was found in his library.[3]

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