Things Change



  Well,  “Showdown time” came and went  in the land of Oz. It was my vision thing ,again. That thing that annoys everybody and makes me do and say crazy things, like, ”Kindly leave your ‘white priviledge’ on the coat rack before you enter the room!” It seems to piss people off; not sure why! My vision told me to lay it all out on the line, what was at stake, last night. What was at stake was the fight between “same ole, same ole”  and a new way of walking and talking. See, the Jew rules by divide and conquer and so, as long as everyone accepts the field  the way the Jew sets it  up, with every group having their own separate niche  and their own separate concerns, it doesn’t matter a whole lot what each individual group does as far as groaning and complaining. Their concerns will go on deaf ears in all the other groups, cause those groups, too, will be wallowing in their  own problems and concerns,  made sure to be at variance with the others by jew top down programming.


It’s not a new game, and it takes different forms.In the 1920’s,  it took the form of “class separation”. The Jew would send out hasberat and sayanim and good public speakers to inform all the various union groups and other working people’s organizations about how the bourgeoisie was using and exploiting them. They would never talk about Jewish problems  such as being confined to certain occupations or  being forced to live  in the “pale of Settlements” and they would study up on the particular concerns of the audience to be addressed and nail all those concerns into the building  of that  particular prole group at the meetings. The rich bankers, who were almost all Jewish, had foreseen this opportunity and thru their unlimited financing capability,  had developed theories of lower class exploitation, all to undermine ordinary folk’s faith and confidence in the ones they served under, mostly monarch kings and their minions.

This was so effective, that even some of the bourgeoisie became infected with this Jew con device of human rights, free speech, equality, etc and so on. When one looks at the history of the Jew, there is a clear pattern of behavior. Unlike the goyim, who are susceptible to ideological consistency ravings, the Jew’s only consistency obsession was to advocate, at the time, whatever was perceived to be good for Jewish interests. It doesn’t matter if the day before, in a different place and location, he argued the exact opposite position. When dealing with the enemy, one must learn to understand their code of conduct. When we understand the Jew’s code, we understand that truth for a Jew is whatever  he can “sell” the host to be truth and right or wrong determined by if it aides the Jewish agenda. Given this knowledge, something is automatically wrong if it is “bad for Jews”. I am reminded of a TV broadcast in Canada where this popular Sean Hannity type of Jew, character argues for “free  speech rights” when it comes to engaging in “hate” speech with regards to Muslims. In this case to do so is clearly “good for Jews” so it is something to be praised, whereas, due to the goyim’s low  attention level or trust in the presenters, , this Jew might be arguing against free speech in the same broadcast pertaining to an issue over holocaust revisionism. So we learn as we grow in the knowledge of our enemy, this ability to dance all over the place, which would make no sense and a few years ago would have left me baffled,  until we realize that the over-riding factor on where the Jew comes down on any issue, anytime, anywhere, is”Is it good for Jews!”


It’s why the Quenelle is being tarnished in the MSM as anti Semitic and it’s inventor being censored, and why Muslim immigration is championed in Europe as the wave of the future and  somehow “inevitable” while without  missing a beat, the claim is made that under no circumstances can the state of Israel grant equal rights to all or allow equal access  to anyone not able to prove authentic jewness in their heredity.

So, back to the Jew on a soapbox in Moscow square, telling Russian Gentiles of all their supposed victimhood at the hands of the evil,  gentile bourgeoisie. You could say my “vision thing” was recognizing the success of this technique. The success of which is being  done to this day under the guise of racial separation identity politics. It is the Jew’s expertise and ability, enabled thru unlimited funding, and thru a monopoly over  money supply distribution, to study and act upon all ethnic  gentiles,  whom they covertly rule, in order to implant ideas and notions that magnify their victimhood, distrust of  and enemy status in relation to the all other gentiles around.. It is why all these groups, even though, seemingly, Jew wise, get bogged down with ideas and hold onto beliefs that undermine their ability to get beyond their  own petty narrow concerns and understandings of the big picture and the fullness of what and how they are being acted against and distracted away from their one true enemy, the Jew. The last 400 years have seen war after war and revolution after revolution, enabled, funded and led by the Jews while using  the goy as  the pawns and the targets of these conflicts. It was the Jew and no one else, who had a larger population after WWII than before WWII. It was the Jew and no one else, whose over all power has expanded thru goyim fighting and revolution. England declared war  on Germany for  supposed  expansion and what was the result? The end of the British Empire, A total Jewish takeover expansion into Eastern Europe, an enabling of the state of Israel and a status for all Jews, whether interned or not in WWII, as aHolocaust survivor thus intitled to indefinate reparations, reparations no other people has ever received for war time injurie.The holocaust myth was enabled thru their covert control of the Allied Powers and an overt control of the media coupled with the unparalelled chaos occuring at the time.


The Jews  went on, after the war, to be sure the Russians had the bomb so as to enable a terror campaign hoax between 2 Jewish slave states, The United States  and Russia? All those spies were Jews of course. In the 40’s Jewish papers felt safe enough with the Jewish identity  coinciding with Bolshevism, that they claimed any anti-communist was most likely an anti-Semite.                  So we can see that Jews have been manipulating us in different divide and conquer ways and that’s why my vision was born, To undo that. It seems for now, the gentiles, exposed to my vision, prefer  to trust the Jew programming about  their solo nature selves and their right to glorify that solo nature, all a setting the Jew has worked hard to enable and perpetuate. My insulting claims that race concerns take a back seat to anti-jew concerns has failed for now and it may forever be a fail for the battle may soon be over. Last night I said, “If not now, when, if not us, who?” A  movement can’t grow if it stays  inward focused, the Jew learned that a long time ago, and he is doing what he can to make sure you are never aware. I am Blind Light, meet me over at Blind Light’s Page, back in Jewville County. I’m holding  my light, a light that focuses with lazer accuracy on the Jew. I got some more lights, like this, close by, if you need one. I am at your service  but no longer living




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